Reductions In Electricity Bill

This web page explains how installing solar panels reduces your electricity bill and how to maximise the savings.

UK solar panel installations get a subsidy called ‘FITs payments’. As well as FITs payments the householder saves money by using the electricity the solar panels generate rather than electricity from the National Grid.

The solar panels connect to the household mains supply; the solar panels convert solar energy into electrical energy.

The electrical energy the solar panels generate cannot be stored in batteries, batteries to store large amounts of electricity are too expensive.

To maximise savings households should use as much of the electricity the solar panels generate as possible; some ideas —>

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  • Put the washing machine on timer

    do the washing during the day.

  • Install an electric immersion heater

    that can heat hot water during the day.

  • Put the dishwasher on timer

    use the dishwasher during the day.

  • Ironing uses a lot of electricity

    do the ironing whilst the sun is shining.

  • Electric drills use a lot of electricity

    use drills during the day.

  • Electric ovens use a lot of electricity

    do your cooking during the day.