Solar Panel Installation York & Yorkshire

More Information on Solar Panels

National Grid

Information about the National Grid (UK) and what it does. A brief description of the UK National Grid. Links to solar panel and general electrical information.

Feed in Tariff

Explanation of FITs (Feed In Tariff) payments – UK incentive scheme for PV solar panels. What they are, what they are paid for, how much.

Kilo Watt Hour

An explanation of the unit of electricity used for PV solar panel payments (FITs) – KWh


What MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) is, its purpose and why you should use an MCS approved solar panel installer.

PV Solar Panels

A description of PV solar panels. Overview of PV solar panels and FITs payments.

Electricity Bill Reduction

How installing solar panels reduces your electricity bill; how to maximise the savings. Links to information about FITs payments.

UK Electricity Suppliers

A list of electricity suppliers and their contact details; of use when applying for FITS (PV solar panels).

More Information

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