What The National Grid Is

The National Grid is the UK high-powered electricity generation and distribution network.

Their is a company called National Grid that owns UK and US energy distribution networks (electricity and gas).

This web page, when referring to ‘National Grid’ means the generation and high powered distribution network. The National Grid is the infrastructure of electricity generation and distribution from power station to major substations.

What the National Grid does

What The National Grid Does

The National Grid:

  • Generates electricity – the power stations.
  • Distributes electricity between the power stations and the major substations.
  • Balances supply and demand – matches the electricity the power stations produce with consumer demand.

The image summarises what the National Grid does. The items in blue are under the control of the local electricity distributors (DNOs – Distribution Network Operators) for instance Scottish and Southern Energy, Electricity North West and Northern Ireland Electricity.

If you have PV solar panels any excess electricity is ‘fed in’ to the National Grid and you receive FITs payments in return.

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