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Judge Electrical 'Site Map'

The main sections of the Judge electrical web site are show below.


Each link takes you to a web page that has a full list of web pages in that particular section of the Judge Electrical web site.



Web Page File List

File list (text file) – complete web page file list (not image files) of the Judge Electrical web site.



Images File List

File list (text file) – complete file list of the images on the Judge Electrical web site.



Image File List & Description

Image file list and description – list of all the images on the Judge Electrical web site – short description with links to files.



About Judge Electrical

About Judge Electrical – all about Judge Electrical Limited (York), for instance where we are, accreditations and contact details.



Burglar Alarms & CCTV

Burglar alarms and CCTV – domestic and commercial burglar alarms and CCTV information.



Central Heating Information & Help

Central heating – information about central heating, for instance how it works, what can go wrong and possible fixes.


Central heating A to Z – index of central heating web pages on the Judge Electrical 'Site Map'. Link to each page.



Search This Web Site

search-site.html – Judge Electrical of York web site search engine. Search www.JudgeElectrical.co.uk for advice on electrical problems.



Commercial Electrical Matters

Commercial electrical – electrical information for small businesses – landlords, shops and restaurants. Electrical testing, advice fault information.



Domestic Electrical Matters

Domestic electrical – electrical information for the householder – general advice, fuses, plugs and sockets, RCDs.



Prices – Judge Electrical Guideline Prices

Prices – Judge Electrical Limited guideline prices.



Services Offered By Judge Electrical

Services offered – a list of the services offered by Judge Electrical Limited.



Solar Panels

Solar panels – solar panel information – how they work, FITS payments.


Judge Electrical Limited
15 Mulberry Court, Huntington, York, YO32 9TU
Telephone 01904 764845 (Landline), 07919 033113 Mobile)
Email info@judgeelectrical.co.uk
VAT No. 852917405. Company Number 6359328