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York Electrician – Rewire Service

York electrical company, Judge Electrical Ltd, offer a rewire service in York and the surrounding area.


Judge Electrical Limited is an NICEIC approved contractor and an NICEIC approved domestic installer.


Information about rewires


Guideline Prices

Guideline price for a full rewire:

  • One bedroom flat – £1000
  • Two bedroom flat – £1300
  • 2 bedroom house – £2000
  • 3 bedroom house – £2500
  • 5 bedroom house – £4000

Takes about 3 to 5 days. NOT left without power overnight. Cleanup every night.


Price includes:

  • Parts – switches, RCDs, light fittings, cable etc.
  • Plastering where necessary.
  • Moving of furniture and lifting of carpets.
  • Lifting & replacement of floorboards where necessary.

Some minor redecoration, by the householder, may be necessary.

Contact Us

Address – 15 Mulberry Court, Huntington, York, YO32 9TU.


Telephone – 01904 764845 (Landline) or 07919 033113 (Mobile).


Email – info@judgeelectrical.co.uk


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Judge Electrical Guideline Prices (full list)

‘Rewire’ is one of the services offered by Judge Electrical.


Judge Electrical Limited
15 Mulberry Court, Huntington, York, YO32 9TU
Telephone 01904 764845 (Landline), 07919 033113 Mobile)
Email info@judgeelectrical.co.uk
VAT No. 852917405. Company Number 6359328