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RCD Tripping

This web page is a quick to investigating and fixing a tripping RCD. Links to further information are available at the bottom of this web page.


Investigate + Fix RCD Tripping

  • The RCD could be faulty but this is very unlikely.
  • Leave for 5 minutes then try to reset the RCD again.
  • Reset the RCD 3 times, could be a temporary problem, for instance an electrical spike.
  • Unplug all electrical appliances – does the RCD reset OK?
    • Plug everything in one at a time to find the faulty appliance.
    • If you can't unplug an appliance turn the appliance off.
  • Does the RCD trip at a certain time of day?
    • Try to establish a pattern – use the pattern to investigate further.
  • Does the RCD trip only when it is raining?
    • Suggests an outside problem (shed?).
  • Does the RCD only trip when an item turns on, for instance the central heating or a pond pump?
  • Have you just had some electrical work carried out?
  • Have you just bought a new electrical appliance?
  • Downlights – look in the loft – anything shorting across the fitment?
  • Do your neighbours get the RCD trips? Could be the local electricity supply.
  • Do you have outside electrical sockets? Are they free from damp and water?
  • Any outside motion sensors or lights? Are they free from damp and water?
  • What electrical appliances are outside? Are they free from damp and water?
  • Any electrical sockets look burnt?
  • Any electrical plugs hot?
  • Be suspicious of anything with an heating element, for instance a kettle or coffee maker.
  • Are all electrical sockets near the cooker sealed? Could be condensation getting into the sockets.
  • Is water spilling out of the top of the kettle when it boils?
  • Is the kettle\iron leaking?
  • Try unplugging any IT equipment, for instance computers and lap tops.


Links To Further RCD Tripping Information

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