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RCD Tripping Randomly

This web page helps you investigate a tripping RCD.


The RCD will not be tripping randomly; you will not have discerned the pattern so the tripping appears random.


The rest of this web page helps you work out the patter, once you have worked out the pattern the fix will be relatively easy.



Causes of RCD Tripping 'Randomly'

  • Water getting into the electrics:
    • Has it just rained?
    • Have you just run the washing machine or dishwasher?
    • Boiled a kettle?

  • Electrical surges:
    • Have you just turned an electrical appliance on?
    • Just started the washing machine?
    • Is the washing machine at the same point in the cycle as the last RCD trip?

  • Unplug any PCs (Personal Computers).

  • Swap the RCD with an RCD that is not tripping – the RCD could be faulty.

  • Unplug any electrical appliances with moving parts (more complicated therefore more likely to cause problems.
    • Washing machine, dishwasher, tumble dryer, fans.

  • Turn the fridge and freezer off.
    • Fridges and freezers turn on and off at random times.

  • Turn the immersion heater off.
    • An immersion heater turns on and off at random times.

  • Turn the oven off.
    • An oven applies heat at random times when turned on.

  • Turn the immersion heater off. An immersion heater turns on and off at random times.

  • Does the RCD trip at night? During the day? When it is dark? When it is light?

  • Lightly tap light and electrical switches – a loose wire in the switch can cause an RCD to trip.

  • Problems with mice or rats? Could be a rodent chewing the wire.

  • Inspect all electrical plugs and sockets – any signs of burning?
    • What is causing the burning could be causing the RCD to trip.

  • Had any electrical work done recently? Had a new major electrical appliance installed?
    • The electrical work could be done in such a way to encourage RCD trips, for instance 'borrowing a neutral'.

Links To Further RCD Tripping Information

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