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RCD Trip Definition

This web page defines what the term 'RCD trip' means and what happens when an RCD trips.


RCD Trip Definition

RCD trip means the RCD no longer allows electrical energy to flow in the circuit; similar to a fuse 'blowing'.


An RCD that has tripped (something wrong) is said to be 'open'.


An RCD that has not tripped (closed) is said to be 'closed' or 'made'.


What Happens When An RCD Trips

RCDs are electrical safety switches that open when the electrical circuit has a problem and close when their is no problem.


Electricity does not flow when their is a problem, electricity flows when their is no problem.


The image below shows an 'open' RCD, i.e. the RCD has tripped due to a problem.


Open RCD in electrical circuit




The image below shows an 'closed' RCD, i.e. their is no problem.


Closed RCD in electrical circuit



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