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RCD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does RCD stand for?

Residual Current Device.



What does an RCD look like?

RCD image below.




What is an RCD?

An RCD is an electrical safety switch that remove the electrical supply to an electrical circuit when the circuit is unsafe.



How much is an RCD?

About £50.

Their is a large variation in prices depending on current rating and quality. The price can vary between £20 and £100.



What causes an RCD to trip?

A difference between the electrical current flowing into an electrical appliance and the electrical current flowing out of an electrical appliance. An imbalance indicates a faulty, and potentially dangerous, electrical appliance.


What causes an RCD to trip?


RCD trip explanation



How do I investigate a tripping RCD?

The problem is rarely the RCD itself; the problem is likely to be a faulty electrical appliance. Unplug all electrical appliances and plug in one at a time – see what appliance causes the RCD to trip.


How to investigate a tripping RCD



How do I reset an RCD?

Move the toggle switch on the RCD to up.


How to rest an RCD



How do I test an RCD?

Some RCDs have a push button test switch on the front. If their is no test switch the only way to test is to replace the RCD.




Links To Further RCD Information

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What causes an RCD to trip


Why an RCD trips


How to reset an RCD


RCD Images




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