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Central Heating Trips RCD

This web page provides information that helps you to investigate the central heating tripping an RCD.

What Causes An RCD To Trip?

An RCD trips because the current flowing into an electrical circuit is not the same as the current flowing out of an electrical circuit.


A difference between the current flowing in and the current flowing out of an electrical circuit means the circuit has a serious problem.


If the ‘electrical circuit’ is your central heating, an RCD tripping means your central heating has a serious problem.


The RCD is tripping for a reason – do not ignore the problem.

Investigate ‘Central Heating Trips The RCD’

Read the possible solutions below. If the solutions below do not work call a qualified electrician or heating engineer.


  • Has their been a water leak recently?
    • Water in the electrics of a central heating system can cause an RCD to trip.
    • Thoroughly dry the central heating boiler and surrounding area.
  • Is the flue insulation OK?
    • Rain getting into a central heating boiler, from the outside via the flue, can cause an RCD to trip.
    • Repair the insulation between the flue and the outside world.
  • Any water leaks inside the boiler?
    • Even a small drip can cause an RCD to trip.
    • Clear up the water and replace the leaking item.
  • Does anything look or smell burnt?
  • Does the problem happen at night or when it is cold?
    • Is condensation forming in an air vent or the boiler?
    • Condensation can drip onto electrical connections and cause an RCD to trip.
  • Any sign of damaged wiring?
    • Damaged wiring can allow electricity to flow to earth and trip an RCD.


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