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Reduce Electrical Bills – Domestic Households

This web page details tips and recommendations to reduce the electricity bills of domestic households.



  • Unplug electrical appliances when not in use – some appliances use electricity even when turned off.
  • Draught proof windows and doors.


  • Ensure there is ventilation space at the back of all fridges (at least 1 inch\2cm) – increases heat exchanging efficiency.
  • Ensure cooling fins\pipes on back of fridge are clean – increases heat exchanging efficiency.
  • Defrost and clean fridges regularly – increases cooling efficiency.
  • Allow hot food to cool before placing in the fridge – don’t waste electricity cooling hot food.
  • Put the fridge in a cool area – there is no need to waste electricity cooling a fridges that is being heated by the sun or another appliance.
  • Set the fridge thermostat to the correct level – most fridges do not need to be set below zero degrees centigrade.
  • Check the seals of the fridge – close the fridge door trapping a sheet of paper – can you pull the piece of paper out with NO resistance? If yes, the seal is not 100% OK and you are wasting electricity by letting cool air escape from the fridge.
  • Leave the fridge door open for as little time as possible – don’t waste electricity cooling hot air when you close the door again.



  • Match pan size to cooker burner\heating element.
  • Thaw foods naturally.
  • A microwave uses about half the energy of a conventional cooker – use a microwave where possible.



  • Ensure dishwasher is full before using.



Air Conditioning

  • Open windows at opposite ends of a house to create air flow (natural air conditioning).
  • Regularly clean air filters to increase air conditioning efficiency.
  • Use fans to assist ‘natural air-flow’ then adjust the air conditioning.
  • Use cool evening air to cool premises before customers arrive.
  • Check air ducting, particularly joints, for leaks.



  • Turn computer monitors off when not in use.
  • Turn photocopiers off at night or when not in use.
  • Configure PCs to ‘hibernate’ or ‘go to sleep’BB8138044
  • Turn off your PC printer – how often do you use the printer?



  • Turn the water heating down – how often do you add cold water to hot water? Adding cold water to hot water is a waste of money.

Tumble Dryers

  • Clean the filter before each drying session to increase drying efficiency.


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