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Rewire Quote Help & Tips

This web page provides help and tips when getting a quote for an electrical rewire.


The web page provides help on what to look for in an electrical rewire quote and what to look for in the electrician providing the quote.


The tips apply to any quote – not just a rewire.


With regards to the quote:

  • Cheapest is not always best.
  • It is quite difficult to compare one quote with another unless you prepare a list of what you want from the rewire. Planning A House Rewire.


Signs of a trustworthy electrician:

  • Has a van with the company name on the side – cowboy tradesmen usually work out of unmarked vans.
  • Will give you a landline number as well as a mobile – cowboy tradesmen don’t like giving you a landline number – it can show where they live.
  • Uses headed paper.
  • Appears trustworthy – trust your gut instinct.
  • Has done work for the local council – the local council research the background of tradesmen they employ.
  • Has done work for large local companies – large companies maintain lists of ‘approved suppliers’.
  • Doesn’t offer a ‘cash’ price (avoids paying tax).
  • Does not lower the price substantially for the same job after negotiations – a trustworthy electrician will quote a true price for a job with no room to lower the price.
    • A trustworthy electrician will change a price (up or down) but will point out the changes the new price mean.
  • Will not insist on a substantial payment before the job starts.
  • Does not ‘tout’ for business.


Is the electrician giving the quote:

  • A member of a recognised trade body, for instance NICEIC?
  • Part P’ qualified?
  • Recommended by someone you know?
  • Happy to provide references?


Ask the electrician:

  • How long they have been in business.
  • If they have liability insurance.
  • What trade bodies they are members of.
  • Whether they will organise other tradesmen (project manage).


Does the quote include:

  • Parts, for instance light switches and electrical sockets?
  • Basic redecoration? A rewire will mean making holes in walls and ceilings.
  • A cleanup? A rewire is a messy job.
  • Moving furniture?
  • Lifting and replacing carpets?
  • Post rewire electrical test and inspection? A house will need an electrical test and inspection after the rewire.
  • Include the costs of other trades?


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