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Rewire One Liners

This web page provides a set of tips and advice about electrical rewires – a series of one liners.

  • 2015 rough costs of a rewire:
    • One bedroom flat – £1000.
    • Two bedroom flat – £1300.
    • 2 bedroom house – £2000.
    • 3 bedroom house – £2500.
    • 5 bedroom house – £4000.
  • Get at least 3 quotes.
  • You get what you pay for – be very wary of quotes that are a lot cheaper than others.
  • Don’t attempt to do a rewire yourself – use a qualified electrician – there are lots of pitfalls for the inexperienced and unaware.
  • An electrician can do an ‘Electrical test and Inspection’ to get a good idea of the state of the wiring.
  • Rubber insulated wiring is a good sign of old wiring (1960’s).
  • Rewire a house about every 25 years or when a problem suggests a rewire is needed.
  • A rewire takes about a week.
  • A rewire is a messy job – lots of dust.
  • A rewire is very disruptive to a household.
  • Your house will need redecorating after a rewire.
  • Plan the rewire to last 25 years – add new sockets, new light fittings etc.
  • A rewire is very likely to be covered by some type of building regulations – investigate what regulations apply in your country\area.
  • Best practise is to put the freezer on its own dedicated supply – prevents another appliance tripping the supply to the freezer.


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