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Electrical Rewire – Future Proofing

This web page concerns ‘future proofing’ electrical rewires.


This web page lists questions to ask yourself when considering future proofing an electrical rewire.



An electrical rewire happens about every 25 years, it is essential that you plan the rewire and ‘future proof’ the work; you don’t want to be doing more electrical and\or rewire work in a few years.


Laying wire in a house or business is disruptive, it is best to lay all the wiring in one go.


The householder, or business owner, should consider ALL wiring needs, for instance electrical, IT cabling, entertainment, TV and audio.


Links To Information About Electrical Rewires



What Questions To Ask Yourself

A list of questions to ask yourself when planning a rewire:

  • Should you install the wiring for more electrical sockets than you need?
    • You can install the wiring but not the electrical sockets. You can install the sockets later.
    • How many electrical appliances were in you house 25 years ago? How many will there be in 25 years?
  • What ‘IT Infrastructure’ do you need?
    • Home networks – Ethernet? Wi-Fi?
    • IT outlets – RJ45? USB?
    • Cabling – Coax? CAT5? CAT6?
  • Satellite TV or satellite communication services:
    • Do you need coax going from a south-facing wall to various points in the home or business?
    • All commercial satellites are in ‘geostationary’ orbit over the equator; this means that, in the UK, they are south of a home or business.
  • Do you need spare ‘mains rings’?
    • Do you need more electrical circuits to cope with future demand?
  • Do you plan to add a garage or other outbuilding?
    • Should you install the wiring ready for future building work?
  • Should you have separate circuits for freezers?
    • When an electrical appliance fails it often causes the whole circuit to fail – this can ruin all the food in a freezer.
  • Should you have separate circuits for ‘high value’ appliances or utilities?
    • If an appliance or utility is vital to a home or business, use a separate circuit.
    • A separate circuit means that if another appliance causes the circuit to fail it won’t affect the high value appliance or utility.
  • Do you need wiring for a home entertainment system? An intercom system?
  • Will you need a CCTV system in the future?
    • Should you install the wiring ready for the future?
  • Should you install a distribution panel to make future expansion easier?
  • Do you need external temperature and sunlight sensors to control heating and lighting systems?
    • Many future heating and lighting systems will use outdoor sensors.
  • Do you need network connections in the kitchen or other rooms for future ‘smart’ appliances?
  • How many spare connections (RCDs) should you have on your RCD unit?


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