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Rewire – Buying A House

Does The House You Are Buying Need A Rewire?

A simple way of finding out whether a house needs a rewire is to get an electrician to do a 'Periodic Inspection Report' on the wiring; costs about £200.


Alternatively look for:

  • Obvious signs of damage to electrical sockets

  • Poor maintenance around the house – if the occupants haven't maintained what you can see they won't have maintained what you can't see (the electrics).

  • Use of extension leads – old wiring (we need more sockets now than before).

  • Round light switches.

  • Round electrical socket pins.

  • Ask to see the fuse box – does it look old?


Considerations With Regards Rewiring A House On Purchase

  • A rewire is cheaper with no occupants – is it worth getting a rewire before you move in?

  • A rewire is a messy job – consider a rewire before you move in.

  • Will the seller reduce the asking price in line with the cost of the rewire?




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