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index.html – this page.


does-my-house-need-a-rewire.html – does my house need a rewire – how to tell whether your house needs a rewire. Some simple questions.


electrical-quotes.html – electrical job quotes, an explanation of what they are and what to expect and not expect. Links to information about rewires.


house-electrical-rewire.html – information about house electrical rewires. What a rewire is, how often should a rewire be done, approximate cost etc.


house-rewire-tips.html – householder help for the electrical rewire of a house.


how-long-does-rewire-take.html – advice on how long a domestic electrical rewire takes. How to reduce the time a rewire takes. Links to further rewire information.


how-much-to-rewire-a-house.html – how much to rewire a house? Approximate costs (2015) costs of electrical rewires. Links to further information about rewires.


how-often-do-rewire.html – advice on how often an electrical rewire should be done.


partical-rewire.html – what a partial electrical rewire is. When it is OK to do a partial rewire.


planning-house-electrical-rewire.html – planning a house electrical rewire. Help to plan the rewire so reducing costs and time.


possible-future-use-of-rooms.html – list of possible future uses of rooms in a house; helps to plan for an electrical rewire.


post-rewire-cleanup.html – post electrical rewire clean up – what a post rewire cleanup may involve; how messy is a rewire? Links to further information.


problems-that-suggest-rewire-needed.html – a list of problems that suggest an electrical rewire of a house or business is needed.


reduce-rewire-costs.html – how to reduce electrical rewire costs.


rewire-budgeting.html – how to set, and keep to, a budget. Advice on rewire budgeting. Links to further rewire information.


rewire-buying-a-house.html – rewire when buying a house? Does the house need a rewire? What to look for when buying a house.


rewire-contingency-fund.html – explanation of a contingency fund for use during a house electrical rewire.


rewire-costs.html – approximate costs (2015) of electrical rewires. Links to further information – rewires and general electrical.


rewire-faqs.html – a list of answers to frequently asked questions about electrical rewires. Links to further information.


rewire-future-proofing.html – what questions to ask yourself when considering future proofing an electrical rewire.


rewire-guidance-documents.html – householder help documents. Guidance documents from electrical organisations that will help the householder when organising the electrical rewire of a house.


rewire-lessons-learnt.html –  a list of lessons learnt, for the householder, with regards to a domestic electrical rewire.


rewire-one-liners.html – a set of tips and advice about electrical rewires – a series of one liners. Links to further information.


rewire-quote-help-tips.html – rewire quote help & tips – what to look for in an electrical rewire quote. Price and other factors.


rewire-spare-capacity.html – why building in spare capacity when doing a rewire is a good idea.


rewire-terminology.html – an explanation of the terms used in electrical rewires. Links to further information.


rubber-insulated-wire.htm – what rubber insulated wire is and what it looks like. Links to further information about rewires.


what-is-a-rewire.html – definition of what a rewire is; what a rewire may or may not involve. Links to further information.


york-rewire.html – York rewire service. Guideline prices and contact details. Information about rewires.


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