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Does My House Need A Rewire?

If you think your house needs a rewire get an electrician to do a 'Periodic Inspection Report' on your house wiring; costs about £200.


What To Look For

  • Signs of burning round electrical sockets

  • Use of adaptors and extension leads.

  • UK – round pin sockets.

  • Does the fuse box look old?

  • Use of fuse wire in the fuse box.

  • No rewire in past 25 years – some electricians may state a different time period.

  • Black rubber outer on wiring.

  • Large ceramic type fuses in fuse box.

  • Fabric coated electrical wiring.

  • Twisted flex on ceiling lights.

  • Electrical sockets mounted on skirting board.


Faults That Suggest A Rewire Is Needed


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