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Table and Floor Lamp Troubleshooting Tips

This web page gives advice on repairing a faulty floor or table lamp.


The advice is for the average ‘DIYer’.


  • Always change the bulb.
    • Don’t be mislead by a bulb that ‘blows’ straight away or only lasts a short time; their are many low quality bulbs on the market. If in doubt use a bulb from a company whose name you recognise.
  • If replacing the bulb does not work remove the supply to the lamp and clean inside the bulb holder – scrape with a knife or screwdriver.
    • The bulb holder often becomes ‘oxidised’ (Black); this prevents good electrical contact between the bulb and bulb holder.
    • Scrape the oxidisation away so the bare metal of the contact is visible—usually copper in colour.
  • Is the power cable in good condition? Has it been damaged?
    • Be wary of repairing power cables, the repair will not be as good as the original cable; New cables are inexpensive.
  • Check the fuse in the plug. If the fuse has blown replace the fuse.
  • Is their a loose wire inside the lamp?
    • Stress on the power cable, for instance someone tripping over the power cable, often pulls a wire out of a connector inside the lamp.
    • Can you gain access to the inners of the lamp to reconnect the wire?
    • Are any internal wires loose?


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