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Same Fuse Keeps Blowing

Same Fuse Keeps Blowing – What To Look For

The most likely cause is a fault in the electrical appliance:

  • Is their anything obviously wrong with the appliance?
  • is anywhere on the appliance hotter than normal?
  • Any damage to the power cable?

Same Fuse Keeps Blowing – What To Try\Check

Try\check the following:

  • Plug another appliance into the same socket – if the fuse in the new appliance does not blow there is something wrong with the original appliance.

  • Is the fuse the correct rating?
    • The fuse may blowing because it is too low in value, for instance 3 amps instead of 13 amps.
    • Typical fuse ratings

  • Try plugging the appliance in another electrical socket in another part of the house.
    • Could be a problem with the particular circuit.
    • Could be a problem with the power socket.

  • Does anything seem stiff?
    • Anything that should move that is stuck will cause an appliance to draw too much current and blow the fuse.

  • Check the plug on the appliance.
    • Are all the wires secure?
    • Does the inside of the plug look burnt? Replace the plug if there are signs of burning.

  • Does the appliance have a fan – is the fan stuck?


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