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Fuses Section Site Map (File List)

index.html – this page.


fuse-blow-speed.html – slow blow fuse, fast blow fuse. A brief description of fuse 'blow speed'.


fuse-holder.html – what a fuse holder is. Links to more information about fuses.


fuse-packages.html – images and short explanations of 'fuse packages' (fuse holder); the physical construct of a fuse.


fuse-rating.html – fuse rating – typical fuse ratings. How to calculate the fuse rating. what is a fuse rating? Why are fuses rated?


fuse-voltage-rating.html – description of the fuse characteristic 'voltage rating'.


how-to-change-a-fuse.html – how to change a fuse – pictorial instructions on how to change a fuse in a UK domestic electrical plug.


same-fuse-keeps-blowing.html – what to do if the same fuse keeps blowing on an electrical appliance; links to further electrical information.


slow-blow-fuse.html – what slow blow fuses are.


types-of-fuses.html – description of the different types of fuses.


typical-fuse-ratings.html – typical fuse ratings – a list of typical fuse ratings for different electrical appliances. Links to further domestic electrical advice.


what-is-a-fuse.html – what is a fuse? What a fuse is and why a fuse blows. Links to further information.


why-do-fuses-blow.html – an explanation of why fuses blow.



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