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Electric Shock

What Is An Electric Shock?

An electric shock is the physical effect of electricity flowing through the human body.


The range of effects on the human body range from no effect to death.


An electric shock is caused by electricity flowing through the human body, usually from a faulty electrical appliance.



What Voltage Can Cause An Electric Shock?

Defining a dangerous voltage as a voltage that can kill – a common definition of a 'dangerous voltage' is a voltage greater than 35 volts peak AC or greater than 60 volts DC. UK mains is 240V AC so is considered dangerous.


Whatever the voltage, an electricity supply could be high current so can cause severe burns.



What Is The Effect Of An Electric Shock?

The effects of an electric shock can be anything from no effect to death.


The most common effects of an electric shock are:

  • Burns where the electricity flows into\out of the human body.

  • Heart stops beating.
    • Heart fibrillators use electricity to start an heart that has stopped – the effect of electricity can stop an heart that is beating.
    • UK medical shows – the medical staff always say 'shocking' when they use a fibrillator machine.

  • Nerve damage – electricity damages nerves as it flows through the human body.


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