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Earth Bonding Explained

This web explains:

  • What earth bonding is.
  • Why earth bonding is important.
  • How much earth bonding costs.
  • What faults indicate new earth bonding is necessary.


What Is Earth Bonding?

Earth bonding is the act of connecting all metallic objects in a room, or house, to ‘electrical earth’; usually a gas and\or water pipe.


Gas and water pipes run through the earth (ground) so are connected to the same earth, eventually, as the electrical earth of an electrical circuit.



Why Is Earth Bonding Important?

The main reason for ‘earth bonding’ is safety.


A fault in an electrical appliance may lead to the all, or some, metallic objects in a room becoming ‘live’ – someone could get an electric shock by touching say, a radiator.


Why is earth bonding important? Further information



How Much Does Earth Bonding Cost?

The Judge Electrical 2015 guideline price for domestic earth bonding is £200.



What Indicates New Earth Bonding Is Needed

Constantly tripping RCDs.


Light bulbs constantly blowing.


Often get electrical problems that then ‘fix themselves’.


Often get ‘static electricity’ shocks.


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