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Fuse Boards

This web page contains information about domestic electrical fuse boards:

  • What they are.
  • What they do.
  • What they look like.



People use the term ‘fuse board’ to describe any electrical component that divides the mains supply into individual electrical circuits. This web page uses this broad definition of a ‘fuse board’.


What Is A Fuse Board?

A domestic fuse board is a major electrical unit that divides the electrical supply from the electrical supply company to individual electrical circuits in the home.

A domestic fuse board has parts, for instance fuses or Residual Current Devices (RCDs), that protect the individual circuits in the home.

The fuse board ‘sits’ between the main electrical supply from the electrical company and individual electrical circuits in the home.

Explanation of domestic fuse board electrical circuit


What Fuse Boards Do

Fuse boards:

  • Distribute electrical power around a house.
    • Fuse boards split the main electrical supply to the house into ‘sub-circuits’.
  • Provide electrical protection for individual electrical circuits using, for instance, fuses and RCDs.
    • Fuses protect electrical circuits by removing the electrical supply (fuse ‘blows’) when the amount of current is above a certain level (the fuse ‘rating’).
    • RCDs protect electrical circuits by comparing the amount of electrical current flowing into a circuit with the amount of electrical current flowing out of a circuit. The amount of electrical current flowing into a circuit should be the same as the amount of electrical current flowing out of a circuit. If ‘current in’ does not equal ‘current out’ (with a small tolerance) the RCD ‘trips’.
  • A fuse board will have as many fuses or RCDs as there are mains rings. The image below shows 4 mains rings.

Fuse board overview - local electrical circuits



What Fuse Boards Look Like

Many years ago fuse boards were just that, a board with fuses.


Over the years the boards became manufactured panels and other protection devices, for instance RCDs, were used for protecting the electrical circuit.


The term ‘fuse board’ is still in widespread use. Other terms are in use for an ‘electrical unit that distributes power and provides protection for electrical circuits’, for instance:

  • Domestic units – a panel with RCDs.
  • Consumer unit – a panel with RCDs.
  • Fuse box.
  • Distribution board.
  • Circuit breaker panels.

‘Fuse boards’ may be a combination of fuses and RCDs.


Below are pictures of ‘fuse boards’.


Fuse board


Fuse board with power input wires highlighted


Household circuit breaker board


Single RCD in a wall mounted panel


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