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Will Security Lights Attract People?

This web page considers the question ‘will security lights attract people?’.


This web page firsts asks the question ‘do you want to attract people?’ then considers how to discourage people from congregating in areas lit by security lights.


Do You Want To Attract People?

When installing security lights, consider whether they will attract people – is this what you want?


The advantages of more people around your premises:

  • More people means more pairs of eyes to spot crime.
  • Criminals don’t like lots of people in the target area.

The disadvantages of more people around your premises:

  • People congregating is maybe what you are trying to prevent.
  • Certain groups of people will cause a disturbance – more people means more disturbances.
  • Certain groups of people are likely to commit crime – particularly ‘low level’ crime. More people equals more crime.


How To Discourage People From Congregating

Help to discourage people congregating in areas that are lit by security lights:

  • Use coloured lights:
    • Use an ‘uncool’ colour, for instance pink, to discourage youngsters congregating.
    • Blue lighting discourages drug users – blue light makes it difficult to find veins.
  • Don’t light covered areas – people like protection from the weather as well as light.
    • Lighting a covered area provides light and protection from the weather.
  • Use lighting shining from above at sharp angles (straight down).
    • Lighting from straight above creates unnatural (long) shadows – people don’t like this.

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