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Outside Security Lighting – Reassurance

This web page lists some basic tips on using security lighting to reassure people.


Using Security Lighting To Reassure

If you want to use outside security lighting to reassure people:

  • Use ‘uniform lighting’ (evenly lit).
    • Human eyes can adjust to low levels of lighting but find it difficult to adjust to different levels of lighting.
    • Dark areas increase the fear of crime.
  • Set the brightness so that people can see the facial expressions of others.
    • Humans use facial expressions of other people to gauge whether they are friendly or not.
  • Lighting shining from above at sharp angles (straight down) creates unnatural shadows – unnatural shadows make people feel unsafe.
    • Many horror films use long shadows – there is a reason for this!!
  • Light areas where people may hide.
    • People may not hide there but the nervous passerby may think they do.
  • Light areas where animals may make noise, for instance dustbin areas.
    • People assume the worse – all noises are intruders creeping about.
    • A building occupant can see no one is creeping about.
  • Light approaches to houses and buildings.
    • It is hard not to make a noise as you approach a building – the occupant may assume the worse.
    • Lighting the approaches to a house or building will let the occupant see who is approaching.

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