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Motion Sensor Lighting

This web page explains:

  • What motion sensor lighting is.
  • Where to install motion sensor lighting.
  • Where not to install motion sensor lighting.


What Is Motion Sensor Lighting?

Motion sensor lighting is lighting that turns on when a sensor detects movement. The motion sensor turns the lights on.


A motion sensor light


When someone, or something, passes through the sensors’ ‘field of view’ the sensor detects the movement and turns the light on.


Motion sensor light with the sensor field of view explained



Where To Install Motion Sensor Lighting

  • Dark areas of the outside of a house and garden.
  • Areas thieves are likely to target, for instance the rear of a home.
  • About 10 feet above the ground to get good area lighting.


Where Not To Install Motion Sensor Lighting

  • Where it is likely to annoy neighbours, for instance shining into a neighbours window.
  • Where ‘nuisance activations’ are likely, for instance where the sensor field of view covers a public path.
  • Where a neighbour, on their property, is likely to trigger the light.


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