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Security Lighting – How Not to Annoy The Neighbours

This web page list a few simple actions and guidelines that will prevent security lighting annoying neighbours.

  • Ensure the light does not shine beyond your property (light trespass).
    • Many people find other people’s light annoying and intrusive.
  • Ensure the lights don’t point into neighbours windows.
  • Ensure the security lights can’t be triggered from outside your property.
    • Position motion sensor lighting correctly – ensure your neighbours can’t trigger the lighting from next door.
  • Use security lights with ‘shielded housing’.
    • Shielded housing prevents light from going in unintended directions, for instance behind.
    • Shielded housing works likes blinkers on horses – shielded housing is a physical barrier to light in some directions.
  • Use motion sensor lighting – lights only come on when someone walks by.
  • Lights are not on for long periods of time – save money as well reducing annoyance.
  • Place lighting high up – 10 feet or above.
    • Light won’t shine directly, or nearly directly, into people’s faces.


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