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Commercial Lighting Section Site Map

index.html – this page.


car-park-lighting.html – car park lighting advice for small businesses – links to further light information.


dusk-to-dawn-security-lights.html – security lights – what dusk to dawn lights are. Links to further security light information.


floodlights.html – small business lighting – what floodlights are. Links to further retail lighting information.


directional-lighting.html – retail lighting – directional lighting. What directional lighting is, when to use directional lighting in a retail environment.


lighting-how-not-annoy-neighbours.html – outside security lighting – help to avoid annoying the neighbours. Links to further information.


light-trespass.html – light trespass – what it is, the problems it causes, how to prevent, what to do if affected by light trespass.


motion-sensor-lighting.html – what motion sensor lighting is and where to install it. Links to further information.


outside-security-lighting.html – small businesses outside security lighting. The types, should you install, the considerations and approximate costs.


pressure-sensor-lighting.html – what pressure sensor lighting is and where to install it. Links to further information.


restaurant-lighting.html – help with restaurant lighting. Design tips to help design restaurant lighting.


retail-lighting-do-and-dont.html – retail lighting do’s and don’ts – short tips about retail lighting.


retail-lighting-allow-customers-to-examine-goods.html – why retail lighting that allows customers to examine goods is important.


retail-lighting-for-older-customers.html – retail lighting for older customers – tips and advice. Links to more retail lighting information.


retail-lighting-terminology.html – retail lighting terminology. Definition of terms used in retail lighting.


security-lighting-reassurance.html – how to use outside security lighting to provide reassurance. Links to further information.


shielded-housing-security-lights.html – security lights shielded housing – what it is and what it does. Links to further security lighting information.


spotlights.html – what a spotlight is and when to use in retail lighting. Links to further retail lighting information.


types-of-retail-lighting.html – an explanation, with images, of the different types of retail lighting. Ambient lighting, accent lighting, architectural lighting and task lighting.


uniform-car-park-lighting.html – why uniform lighting is necessary in car parks. Links to further business lighting information.


using-retail-lighting-to-say-shop-is-open.html – retail lighting – how to use lighting to tell customers that a shop is open.


using-retail-lighting-to-sell.html – using retail lighting to sell – brief description of how to use lighting to sell in a retail environment.


will-security-lights-attract-people.html – outside security lighting – will outside security lighting attract people? Links to further lighting information.


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