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Landords Annual Electrical Visual Inspection – Positioning Of Leads

This web page gives landlords advice on the positioning of electrical leads.


The positioning of electrical leads is something landlords should check when they do a visual inspection of a property.


Electrical leads should not be positioned:

  • Hidden from view, for instance under a carpet.
    • Damage will not be noticed.
  • Near heat, for instance a kettle, cooker or light bulb.
    • Heat melts wiring.
  • Near mechanical apparatus, for instance a door or a home gym.
    • Mechanical devices trap and damage electrical leads.
  • Where people walk, for instance across a hallway.
    • People trip on electrical leads.
    • Stepping on an electrical lead will damage the lead.
  • Near water or a source of water, for instance a sink.
    • Electricity and water do not mix.
  • Untidily under desks – people will stand on the leads.
    • Ensure electrical leads are up against a wall.
  • Through holes in walls or desks – the lead will fray where it is fed through the hole.
  • Near wheels on furniture, for instance a chair.
    • If the chair moves, the electrical lead could be damaged.
  • Out of doors – normal electrical leads are not meant for outside.


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