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UK Landlords – General Electrical Help and Advice

This web page provides general advice to domestic property landlords with links to more detailed advice.


The subjects:

  • Free advice offer.
  • The law.
  • Landlord electrical inspection periods.
  • Electrical faults.
  • Electrical Repair Costs.


Free Advice

Judge Electrical Limited offer a free electrical advice service for landlords.


Please contact Chris Judge of Judge Electrical Limited for advice on any electrical matter.


Address – 15 Mulberry Court, Huntington, York, YO32 9TU.

Telephone – 01904 764845 (Landline) or 07919 033113 (Mobile).

Email – info@judgeelectrical.co.uk


Judge Electrical Limited Privacy Policy

The Law

The requirements of the UK electrical laws and regulations can be summarised as:

See the main HMO web page or ‘Buy to Let’ web page for further advice.


Landlord Electrical Inspection Periods

The Judge Electrical opinion, their are other opinions, is that a reasonable landlord electrical inspection regime is:


Electrical Faults

The most common electrical problems that a landlord will have to deal with are RCD problems or central heating problems.


The fix for most RCD problems is to ‘reset the RCD’; an RCD is a safety switch that opens in unsafe conditions.


Most unsafe electrical situations only last for a fraction of a second. After a fraction of a second the resident can switch the RCD back to the ‘closed’ position, a simple task if you know where the RCD panel is.


If an RCD constantly trips, it keeps ‘opening’, the fix is slightly more complicated. See the Judge Electrical Find & Reset an RCD + Investigate a Constantly Tripping RCD web page for full instructions.


Many central heating problems are due to the wrong setting of the central heating timer, always check the timer:

  • Is the time correct?
  • Is the AM\PM setting correct?

For more information visit the central heating timer problems web page

Electrical Repair Costs

A selection of Judge Electrical 2015 ‘guideline prices’:

  • Electrical test and inspection:
    • One bedroom flat – £170.
    • Two bedroom house – £200.
    • Three bedroom house – £210.
    • Four bedroom house – £230.
    • Domestic PAT testing charge – £45 to 80. £45 will ‘cover’ most domestic properties.
  • Daytime call out charge – £50 for first hour, £28 for each subsequent hour.
  • Out of normal hours call out charge – £75 (includes first hour of work).
  • Fitting of electrics ready for shower installation – £100 to £200.
  • Smoke alarms – mains powered, supply and fit – £100 for the first alarm; £70 for each subsequent alarm.


Judge Electrical Limited
15 Mulberry Court, Huntington, York, YO32 9TU
Telephone 01904 764845 (Landline), 07919 033113 Mobile)
Email info@judgeelectrical.co.uk
VAT No. 852917405. Company Number 6359328