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System For Reporting Electrical Problems - HMO & Landlords

This web page describes:

  • What a ‘system for reporting electrical problems’ is.
  • Why have a system to report electrical problems.
  • What a system to report problems should do.

System For Reporting Electrical Problems – What Is One?

A system for reporting electrical problems is the process by which:

  • A tenant reports an electrical problem.


  • What the landlord does to fix the problem.


  • What the landlord does to check the problem has been fixed.


  • The record of the job.

What do you do when a tenant reports a problem? The ‘system’ can be simple, a written diary or an Excel spreadsheet; the important thing is to have a ‘system’.


System For Reporting Electrical Problems – Why Have One?

A landlord should have a system for reporting electrical problems:

  • To be a good landlord.
  • Show that he\she is taking all reasonable steps to ensure electrical safety.
  • A record of expenses that the landlord can reasonably claim is a business expense.
  • A record of expenses for tax purposes.

What A Fault Reporting System Should Do

All landlords and HMOs must have a system to report electrical faults; fault reporting must be more than the tenant phones the landlord and the landlord phones the electrician.


Fault reporting should include:

  • A unique number for each fault report.
  • Time and date the fault was reported.
  • Description of the fault.
  • Whether the fault was routine or emergency.
  • Which electrician dealt with the fault.
  • Time and date the fault was fixed.
  • Date and time the tenant confirmed the fix.

The landlord should tell the tenant who will fix the fault and arrange a time with the tenant for the electrician to call.


The fault system can be anything from an Excel spreadsheet to a specialist fault logging application program.


The fault reporting should always include a check by the landlord that the fault has been fixed; it could be the case that, for many different reasons, the electrician could not fix the problem. Double checking the fix ensures that the landlord has acted reasonably.


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