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Electrical Safety Hazards In The Home

This web page lists electrical safety hazards commonly seen in rented accommodation (HMO and 'buy to let').


People in rented accommodation are less likely to report problems.


As a landlord ensure the hazards below do not exist in your property.

  • Damaged power cables.
  • Multiple electrical appliances plugged into one socket.
  • Electrical items in bathroom, for instance hair dryer, radios or electric curlers.
  • Damaged electrical sockets.
  • Electrical cables running behind a kettle – cause of heat damage to cable.
  • Hot plugs and\or sockets.
  • Scorch marks on plugs and\or sockets.
  • No insulation on wiring where it goes into the plug – coloured wiring coming out of the plug.
  • Cables under carpets – easily damaged without being seen.
  • Electrical appliances near water, for instance in the kitchen or outside.
  • Unsafe tenant owned electrical equipment – monitor what tenants bring into the house.
  • Signs of DIY electrics – never let a tenant install electrical wiring, sockets etc.
  • Burning smells.

Landlords electrical safety leaflets and guidelines


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