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Safe To Use – Electrical Equipment

This web page gives the Judge Electrical Limited definition of ‘safe to use’ (electrical equipment) and provides a list of questions to ask to ensure electrical safety.


The Judge Electrical definition of ‘safe to use’ (electrical equipment) is:


Before use, it is beyond all reasonable doubt the equipment or appliance will not injure anyone while in use.


The best check is to ask ‘Does the equipment look, sound, smell and feel safe?’ – see below for more details.


To ensure electrical equipment is safe to use, ask the following questions:


  • Does the equipment look safe?
    • Cables free from damage. How to inspect a power cable.
    • Plug in a good state of repair.
    • Switches in a good state of repair.
    • Cables secure.
    • No scorch or burn marks.
  • Does the equipment ‘sound and smell safe’?
    • No buzzing.
    • Does the equipment sound ‘normal’?
    • No unusual smells when in use?
  • Does the equipment ‘feel safe’?
    • No unusual vibrations.
    • Equipment not overheating.
    • Power cable not hot.
    • Plug not hot.
  • Is the equipment ‘fit for purpose’?
    • Is the equipment being used for the intended purpose?
    • Don’t use domestic equipment, for example washing machines, for ‘industrial’ use.
    • If in constant use, is the equipment meant for constant use?
  • Is the equipment is suitable for the environment?
    • If outside, is the equipment meant for outside use?
    • If in a workshop, is the equipment meant for workshop use?
    • If in a place with children, is the equipment ‘childproof’?
    • No water near the equipment.
  • At work, do you:
    • Check equipment before use?
    • Train staff to use the equipment?
    • Know how to turn the equipment off?


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