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PAT Testing – Places Where Appliance Damage Is More Likely

This web page gives the Judge Electrical opinion on the places where damage to appliances is more likely.


Where damage to appliances is more likely PAT testing should be done more often.


Do not ‘over interpret’ PAT testing requirements – the legal requirement is for people to take all reasonable steps to ensure electrical safety.


Assess the risk then reduce the risk.


Places where damage is more likely so PAT testing should be done more often:

  • Harsh environments:
    • Oil rigs.
    • Building sites.
    • Outside places of work.
    • Kitchens.
      Maintenance workshops.
    • Garage workshops.
  • Places with vulnerable users:
    • Schools.
    • Old people homes.
    • Nursing homes.
    • Hospitals.
  • Environments with an history of appliance damage, for instance:
    • HMO or ‘Buy to Let’ houses where tenants have previously damaged appliances.
    • Workshops with careless workers.
  • Places open to the public:
    • Hotels.
    • Cinemas.
    • Restaurants.
  • Places where it is wet:
    • Outside.
    • Laundry's.
    • Fish farms.
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