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PAT Testing Intervals – UK Guidelines

This web page contains the Judge Electrical opinion on the time period between PAT tests.


Other companies may have different opinions, some UK Local Authorities and insurance companies may insist on different time periods.


One-way to classify electrical equipment is whether the electrical equipment is portable or not. PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) tests electrical equipment that is portable, for instance computers, small printers and electric drills.
If faults are regularly found during PAT testing decrease the time period between testing; if faults are rarely found during PAT testing increase the time period between testing.
Assess the safety implications of a fault in an electrical appliance and do what is reasonable to reduce the risk to an acceptable level.


Offices, shops – annually.


Office mains extension leads – annually.


Hair salons – annually.


Bars and pubs – annually.


Hotels and guest houses – annually.


Restaurant kitchens – annually.


Equipment that is rarely unplugged (for instance PCs, printers and photo-copiers) – annually.


Laptop computers – annually.


Equipment hired to the public – monthly.


Building sites – monthly.


Tools and equipment subject to harsh conditions, for instance power drills used outside – monthly.

Tools and equipment not subject to harsh conditions but is regularly moved – 3-monthly.


Judge Electrical domestic PAT testing charge – £45 to £80. £45 will ‘cover’ most domestic properties. Minimum PAT testing charge is £45.


Judge Electrical commercial PAT testing charge – please contact Judge Electrical.


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