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Electrical Test And Inspection (UK)

This web page provides information about UK ‘electrical test and inspection’.


This web page explains what ‘electrical test and inspection’ is and what ‘electrical test and inspection’ checks.


Electrical testing is the testing of electrical installations to ensure that they are safe to use.
Electrical inspection is the physical inspection of electrical installations to ensure that they are safe to use.
Electrical testing uses test equipment to detect faults in an electrical installation, for instance poor earthing and circuit overload.
Electrical inspection ensures, for instance, that warning labels are present and there is no wiring corrosion.
Electrical test and inspection checks the ‘fixed’ installation, for instance the wiring, switches and earth bonding. PAT testing checks electrical appliances that are portable, for instance PCs, kettles and fans.

Electrical test and inspection are what their name suggests:

  • Electrical testing uses test equipment, for instance digital volt meters (DVMs), to ensure that electrical installations are safe to use.
  • Electrical inspection is an inspection, a visual check; a ‘competent person’ inspects the electrical installation of a premise by means of inspection.

Electrical testing and electrical inspection are, to be pedantic, two different types of electrical work but are nearly always, to save time and money, done at the same time.


The terms ‘electrical test’ and ‘electrical inspection’ are often used interchangeably.

The terms ‘electrical test’ OR ‘electrical inspection’ are often used to mean both types of work.

Electrical test and inspection should be carried out on a regular basis, they are ‘periodic’.

The terms ‘periodic test’ and ‘periodic inspection’ are often used interchangeably with the terms ‘electrical test’ and ‘electrical inspection’ .


All companies and landlords, for instance ’buy to lets’ and owners of houses of multiple occupancy (HMOs), should take all reasonable steps to ensure the electrical installation of their property is safe.

The best way to ensure the electrical installation is safe is to have a competent person (take competent person to mean qualified electrician) do an electrical test and inspection.


The Judge Electrical opinion, there are other opinions, is a full test and inspection is done every one to five years depending on the age, and state, of the wiring and electrical installation. HMOs and ‘buy to let’ properties should also be done in-between lets.


Judge Electrical guideline prices for a full test and inspection of a domestic property:

  • One bedroom flat – £150.
  • Two bedroom house – £175.
  • Three bedroom house – £190.
  • Four bedroom house – £210.

The inspection and test takes between two and five hours. Power off occasionally when each circuit tested. Tests all fixed wiring, 25% of all light sockets, light switches and electrical sockets.


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