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Single Radiator Leaking

Temporary Fixes – Single Radiator Leaking

  • Turn the central heating off.

  • Turn the lockshield vale and TRV off.
    • These are the 2 valves on the radiator inlet and outlet pipes.


Radiator TRV and Lockshield Valve


  • Catch the leaking water in a bowl.

  • Wait for all the water to drain out of the radiator.

  • Wrap towels round the leak.


Permanent Fixes

The best option is to get central heating specialist to remove and repair repair the leaking radiator.


If you want to try a fix yourself, see the videos below.

YouTube Videos

YouTube link 1 – How to repair a leaking radiator valve


YouTube link 2 – How to tighten a radiator lockshield valve


YouTube link 3 – How to tighten a radiator valve – uses tools shown on 'Dragons Den'.


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