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Central Heating Sludge

This web page explains:

  • What central heating sludge is.
  • What causes central heating sludge.
  • What problems central heating sludge causes.
  • How to remove central heating sludge.

What Central Heating Sludge Is

The name sludge is a very good description; sludge is a mixture of dirt from water and corrosion from pipe work (mainly iron oxide).


Sludge is a ‘treacle like’ substance, the thickness of the sludge varies.


What Causes Central Heating Sludge

Central heating sludge is the result of different chemical reactions.


There are different metals and liquids in a central heating system; some react when they come together, some deteriorate by themselves. The different chemical reactions have by-products, the by-products come together as sludge.


What Problems Central Heating Sludge Cause

Central heating sludge can cause:

  • Central heating pumps to fail before they should fail.
    • The sludge moves round the central heating system into the pump.
  • Cold spots on radiators.
  • Inefficient heating due to restricted water flow in radiators.

The image below shows how sludge reduces water flow in radiators. The sludge collects at the bottom of the radiator and either restricts or blocks the flow of water round the radiator.


Radiator sludge


How To Remove Central Heating Sludge

Remove the radiator, or radiators, take into garden and flush through with a hosepipe.


There are chemical sludge removers but the effectiveness is not always good.


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