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All Radiators Downstairs Cold

All Radiators Downstairs Cold – not enough pressure in the system to pump water upstairs.




  • Turn the radiators off that are working, this will concentrate the central heating pressure towards the radiators that are not working. If the radiators heat up bleed the air out (‘bleed’ the radiators’).
  • No water whilst bleeding the radiators – is the hole in the bleed mechanism blocked? Carefully remove the bleed mechanism and clean the bleed mechanism.
  • No water whilst bleeding the radiators check the tank water level.
  • Check the water level in the tanks, they should be about one third full. Seek advice to confirm the exact water level. Refill the tank by moving the float arm valve down, similar to a toilet cistern.
  • Does moving the tank float arm valve fill the tank? Does water enter the tank when the float arm is moved? If no the float valve could be faulty.
  • Is the pump broken or ‘on the way out’? The pump may be stuck, this often happens after the central heating system has been off for a long time – give the pump a ‘love tap’ (a gentle tap with a hammer) – this may free the pump. The pump will be near the boiler.
  • Increase the pressure setting on the pump – most central heating pumps have a range of settings. The pump will be near the boiler.


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