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Central Heating Noises

Gurgling Noise

Creaking Noise

  • Hot water causes the central heating pipes to heat up and expand and rub against the holes – are the holes the pipes go through big enough?

Humming Noise

  • From boiler – usually the pump – is it secure? Are the mounting fixings loose?
  • From radiators or piping – could be the pump, the pipes conduct the noise around the central heating system.
  • Turn the pump down – the pump causing rushes of water around the central heating system which can cause humming noises.

Banging Noise

  • Possible cause is air in the central heating system – bleed the radiators.
  • Is there enough water in the central heating system?
  • Tightly fitting pipes – as the water heats up this causes the pipes to heat up and expand.
  • Sticking valve – a ‘light tap’ with a hammer frees a lot of stuck central heating valves.
  • Scaling in the system – add a de-scaler to the central heating system.
  • Pipes not secured – pipes can move when heating up, the banging noise could be the movement of the pipes.


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