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Love Tap – Central Heating Problems

This web page describes a ‘love tap’:

  • What a love tap is.
  • How a love tap helps.
  • When to use a love tap.

What A ‘Love Tap’ Is

A ‘love tap’ is a gentle tap with a hammer.


How A Love Tap Helps

A love tap can free a mechanical device that has become stuck, for instance a central heating pump.


A love tap can provide enough movement to free up a motor or pump; a love tap can dislodge debris that is stopping the motor or pump from moving.


When To Use A Love Tap

Use a love tap when a motor or pump when all else fails; a love tap can break as well as fix.


Only use a love tap on a mechanical device, for instance a motor or pump.


Check everything else is OK before using a love tap, for instance:

  • The electrical supply is present.
  • All RCDs are in the ‘on’ position.
  • No wires are disconnected.
  • No wires are frayed or damaged.
  • No fuses have blown.


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