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Central Heating General Advice Section - Site Map (File List)

index.html – this web page.


boiler-pilot-light.html – what a central heating pilot light is and what can go wrong with a pilot light. Links to further central heating information.


central-heating-bleed-screw.html – what a bleed screw is – central heating. What a bleed screw does. How to use a bleed screw. Links to further central heating information.


central-heating-boiler-kettling.html – central heating boiler kettling. What kettling is and how to fix.


central-heating-boiler-pressure-low.html – symptoms and fixes for low central heating boiler pressure.


central-heating-boiler-problems.html – advice on fixing central heating boiler problems.


central-heating-boilers.html – information about central heating boilers.


central-heating-condense-pipe.html – what a condense pipe is, how a pipe freezes, how to thaw and how to prevent freezing.


central-heating-cylinder.html – images and information about central heating cylinders; what they are, what they do, common problems and fixes.


central-heating-filling-loop.html – central heating filling loop. What one is and does, what can go wrong and how much they cost.


central-heating-leaks.html – central heating water leaks; how to deal with water leaks from a central heating system – radiators, pipes, boilers.


central-heating-pressure-relief-valve.html – central heating pressure relief valve (PRV). What a PRV is, how PRVs are used in central heating and how much they cost.


central-heating-problems-advice.html – help and advice on solving the most common central heating problems. Radiators cold, timer clock not working, boiler faults etc.


central-heating-problems-symptoms.html – central heating problem symptoms with links to possible causes.


central-heating-thermocouple.html – what a central heating thermocouple is, how thermocouples are used and what can go wrong with a thermocouple. Links to further central heating information.


central-heating-thermostats.html – what a central heating system thermostat uses and what they look like.


central-heating-troubleshooting-tips.html – central heating troubleshooting tips. Help to solve central heating problems.


central-heating-winter-tips.html – winter tips. Prepare your central heating for winter; help to fix common central heating winter problems.


central-heating-zone-control.html – central heating zone control – what zone control is.


corroded-cylinder-heating-element.html – what causes central heating elements to corrode, the symptoms and the fix. Links to more central heating information.


cylinder-heating-element.html – what a heating element is and what can go wrong with a heating element.


human-error.html – what mistakes people make with central heating. What to check first.


love-tap.html – what a 'love tap' is, how it helps and when to use.


repressurise-central-heating.html – how to re-pressurise central heating after a leak or a pressure drop after general use over time.


signs-of-water-leaks.html – signs of water leaks; what to look for.


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