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Central Heating Thermostats

This web page describes what a thermostat is, what central heating system thermostats are used for and shows what central heating thermostats look like.


What Is A Thermostat?

A thermostat is a switch that operates (opens or closes) depending on the temperature.


The diagram below shows a thermostat.


Central heating thermostat workings explained

The temperature control dial sets the temperature the switch closes and opens.

The switch can, say, turn a fan or central heating system on or off.

Thermostats have many uses. Many different machines use thermostats.


Car engines use thermostats to direct coolant to different parts of the engine.


What Are Thermostats Used For In Central Heating Systems?

Central heating systems use thermostats to:

  • Turn the central heating system on and off.
  • Turn the heating on and off in areas of a house (zone control).
  • Turn individual radiators on and off.

What Do Thermostats Look Like?

There are 2 main types of thermostat that control central heating systems – digital and analogue.


Digital thermostats use LCD displays; analogue thermostats use dials.


The image below shows a digital thermostat.


Digital central heating thermostat


The image below shows an analogue thermostat.

Analogue central heating thermostat


Either thermostat (digital or analogue) can control central heating systems or parts of a central heating system (zone control).


The digital thermostat costs about £30 (UK), the analogue thermostat costs about £25 (UK).


The image below shows a thermostat that controls an individual radiator.

Thermostat on a radiator


The thermostat fits to a radiator to turn the radiator on and off depending on the temperature.


The thermostat uses numbers (1 to 6) to set the temperature the radiator turns on and off.


The temperature control is not in degrees (Centigrade or Fahrenheit) as that level of control is not needed; a rough indication (numbers 1 to 6) is OK.


Individual room temperatures can be set by adjusting the thermostat on individual radiators.


A radiator thermostat costs about £15 (UK).


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