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Central Heating Boiler Problems – Advice & Help

This web page contains information that will help you solve many central heating boiler problems.


This web page is for the average ‘DIYer’ with links to related information in the text of the web page.


There are many different types’ boilers, timers, thermostats, pumps, valves and heating systems used in domestic and commercial applications; this is what makes diagnosing boiler problems difficult to the inexperienced person.

  • No power to boiler or central heating timer clock – they look ‘dead’ – check the fuse which is in the ‘fused spur’ which should be near the boiler or the timer or both.
    • If the fuse is OK has the RCD tripped?

Electrical RCDs – Find & Reset an RCD + Investigate a Constantly Tripping RCD web page

  • There are fuses in the boiler which can blow, call an expert to change them.
    • If the boiler fuses have blown the central heating control clock works but the power lights on the boiler will not be lit.

  • Boiler heating the hot water but not the central heating – a common problem after not using the central heating for some time.
    • Give the central heating pump and pump valve a ‘love tap’ – a gentle tap. A ‘love tap’ sometimes ‘frees’ a sticking pump or valve.

  • Is the thermostat in a hot part of the room or house?
    • The thermostat should be in a cold part of the room or house so that it turns the central heating on when it is cold.
    • Has something that gives off heat, for instance an electrical appliance, been put near the thermostat?
    • Is the heat from an electrical appliance ‘fooling’ the thermostat into thinking it is hotter than it really is?

  • Boiler heating the central heating but not the hot water – Could be a problem with the cylinder thermostat or central heating valve problem.
    • Give the central heating pump valve a ‘love tap’ – a gentle tap. A ‘love tap’ sometimes ‘frees’ a sticking valve.

  • Is the boiler timer working?
    • It could be the boiler timer is not asking the boiler thermostat to heat the hot water.

  • The central heating does not light up (seems dead) or respond and the boiler doesn't work – does the central heating time have power going to it? Has a fuse blown or RCD tripped?


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