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Central Heating Timer – Checking The Time

This web page describes what to look for when checking the time on a central heater timer.

  • Is the time correct?
  • Does the clock say AM when it is PM or PM when it is AM?
  • Advance the time (change the time forward) past midnight – did the day change OK?
    • Sometimes central heating clocks ‘get in a muddle’ – moving the clock forward past midnight sometimes resets the clock.
  • Does the clock have a reset button – reset the clock.
    • The button will be on the clock – a similar action to resetting a PC.
  • Does the clock have a power switch? Can you turn the clock off then back on again?
    • Often clears problems.
    • Same as turning a PC off then back on again.
  • Does the timer have a ‘zone control’ option?
    • Some timers allow you to turn different parts of the central heating system on and off at different times, for instance upstairs and downstairs.
    • Is the zone control set correctly?


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