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Wireless Burglar Alarms

What Are Wireless Burglar Alarms?

Wireless burglar alarms are burglar alarms with no interconnecting wires.


Burglar alarm systems consist of a base unit and sensors. The sensors are installed round the building to be protected.


The base unit connects to the sensors. The connection can be by wires (wired) or radio waves (wireless).


How Wireless Burglar Alarms Work

Wireless burglar alarms work in the same way as wired burglar alarms.


The difference between wired and wireless burglar alarms is the interconnections between the base unit and the sensors. Wired burglar alarms use wires; wireless burglar alarms use radio waves.


Wireless burglar alarms use similar methods to home Wi-Fi; instead of a PC connecting to a router a burglar alarm sensor connects to a burglar alarm base unit.


Why Wireless Burglar Alarms Are Popular

Wireless burglar alarms are popular because they are easy to install – no wires to route round a building.


Wireless burglar alarms are easy to expand; expansion units usually just 'join the network' in a similar manner to a new lap top connecting to a home Wi-Fi.


Approximate Cost Of Wireless Burglar Alarms


Kit for a 3 bedroom house – £350 approx.


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