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Choosing A Burglar Alarm

To chose a burglar alarm:

  • Write down a list of requirements for the burglar alarm.
  • Seek advice from an alarm company as to the best option to meet your requirements.

Defining Your Burglar Alarm Requirements

To create a list of requirements answer the following questions; the answers are your burglar requirements.

  • What is your budget?
  • What is the value of the goods you want to protect?
    • The 'value' is in terms of direct monetary value and 'inconvenience' (business disruption).
  • Where are the valuable items?
    • May need different levels of security in different parts of the premises.
  • Are people likely to phone the police if the burglar alarm sounds?
    • If no one is likely to call the police you may need a 'monitored' or 'auto-dialling' alarm.
  • Do your insurers recommend a company of burglar alarm type?
    • May get a discount if installing an approved burglar alarm.
  • How long could you do without a burglar alarm?
    • Different support levels cost different amounts.
    • If you are protecting high value items you need a quick response (more expensive) support contract.
    • If you can do without a burglar alarm for a couple of days a lower level (cheaper) support contract is more applicable.
  • Do you live\work nearby?
    • An 'auto-dial' burglar alarm can phone you with a recorded message if the alarm is activated.
  • Do you need to be able to switch off the alarm in different areas?
    • For instance a commercial building may have a security guard who patrols certain areas of the building.
    • Zone alarming may be required.
  • Are the premises in a high crime area?
  • Do any 'out buildings' need to be protected?
    • For instance garages, sheds and storage buildings.
  • Do you want CCTV?
  • Do you need to install fire alarms?
    • It is possible to install a combined burglar\fire alarm system.


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