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Introduction To CCTV

This web page describes provides and introduction to CCTV, in particular the use of CCTV to help protect domestic and commercial properties.


What Does 'CCTV' Stand For?

CCTV is an acronym for Closed Circuit Television.


What Is CCTV?

The name is very descriptive – CCTV is television broadcast on a closed circuit, a circuit that is not open to the general public.


If a television broadcast is not open to the general public it is 'closed'.


CCTV is broadcast to a select set of people.


How Is CCTV Transmitted?

CCTV uses cables to transmit TV signals.


Who can connect to the cable is easily controllable; the circuit is 'closed' to the general public.


Most public (open) TV broadcasts use radio waves to transmit the TV signal; who receives and the signal is largely uncontrollable. The circuit is 'open' to the general public.


Public (open) TV broadcasts require a licence issued by the Government hence the use of non-public (closed) TV broadcasts.


How Can CCTV Be Used To Help Protect Property

CCTV is used to provide an image(s) of the property to someone who has an interest in protecting the property.


If the person who has an interest in protecting the property sees something suspicious they will take action to protect the property.


The following people are likely to have an interest in protecting a property:

  • The property owner.
  • On site security guard.
  • Off site (remote) monitoring service.
  • The police.
  • An insurance company.
  • A neighbour.

Using the Internet it is now possible to connect CCTV images to PCs or smart phones, i.e. the property can be monitored from anywhere in the world.


CCTV kits


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