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Auto Dialling Burglar Alarms

This web page concerns auto dialling burglar alarms:

  • What they are.
  • What they do.
  • Approximate cost.


What Auto Dialling Burglar Alarms Are

Auto dialling burglar alarms are burglar alarms that, when activated, dial a telephone number and play a recorded message.


What Auto Dialling Burglar Alarms Do

Auto dialling burglar alarms:

  • Dial a telephone number when the burglar alarm is activated.
  • Play a recorded message when the phone is answered.
    • The recorded message does not have to be a human voice.
    • The recorded message could be, for instance, a coded message to a computer.

Approximate Cost Of Auto Dialling Burglar Alarms

An auto dialer adds about £45 (January 2015 prices) to the cost of a burglar alarm system.


if the auto dialer is to, say, your mobile phone their are no more costs.


If the auto dialer is to a monitoring service add the price of the monitoring service. A monitoring service costs about £150 per year. Prices of the monitoring service vary as the monitoring service is usually part of a 'bundle' where one item cross subsidises another.


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